Tuesday, June 27, 2006

After solving another few bugs and looking at the result, and things just not doing what they should I started to doubt whether the last 5 days where worth while. The options where
  • Rip some code of the net and get it working - loose 5 days work
  • Carry on working - another day to 3 work
  • Find another way of generating streets - it'd be better to grab someone else's code
  • Implement a different algorithm (say the faster, but curve-math required Fortune's method)
In the end I decdied to carry on working after investigating Fortune's method. It would probably have had as much hidden complexity as my implementation.

So plugging on I improved the debugging code....

Playblast of it working (till it crashes...) of the debugging code running - blue lines are output edges, green edge list and red cell ownership:

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