Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Right! Here we go. Today I:

I'm having a go using a time tracking tool called task coach, just because I'm very aware of how much time i waste in development being a perfectionist where its not really called for. I might even post the logs of how much time I spend on what on this blog.

Had a chat with Neill about the project. Had a suggestion about using a shrunk mesh to position the windows of a house. Still no ideas about creating symettry in an L System. Its gonna be a real achievement to get that going.

Neill agreed that the problem of adding drain pipes contradicts the concept of an L System as they go across rooftops, down walls and around windows. Again the idea of adding them on later using a spider-like search that starts at the guttering and seeks out the fastest way to the 'floor'? This means that connected walls need to know who they are connected to. Should be possible to get this information from the straight skeleton.

set up the JMonkey Engine on Linux - this is a scenegaph based game engine similar to java3d (but good and fast) to replace Maya as outputting through MEL is a nightmare for debugging. It should fly along on my laptop now :) Got the whole thing going with normals (normals on the eaves under the roof sections are inverted)

Plan for tomorrow is to get JMonkey cooperating with key input (it just hogs the mouse and System.exits() when a jmonkey window is closed). Then in some order:
  • add loadable and saveable components
  • display the waterfall components
  • add interface to output to JMonkey preview or Maya with a click of a mouse
  • remove the "random" element (or at least make it an option)
  • make the waterfall component/hypergraphy bit in 3d (big job)
  • use reflection to display the ways to tweak a component


  1. Tom

    Site looks good - as usual I'm concerned that you might be losing focus on the higher-level task/story - drain pipes (whilst posing an interesting additional technical challenge) are way down on my priority list. Lets create a simple polygonal city initially - then the bespoke buildings and roofs - then the details.........

  2. I agree, i just feel soooo close to geting basic output, but its actually a week or so away. As discussed priorities are a working GUI this week, getting the SOB skelleton system up and running the week after and getting real output the week after.