Thursday, June 08, 2006

This morning was spent on creating the links between the waterfalls in the graph edit (had to go back to scratch in a few places), also there is now a nice pop up contect menu and the probability selection slider is up and working. It'd be really nice to make the context menu close when the mouse leaves it - i'm not sure it really worth the time.

I got the links moving around, but then i headed into trouble. Trying the system on my mac i got a strange error.... This site details the problem with a new version of the libraries (it was only posted today!) This ment straying into the world of inter thread communications, trying to synchronise java's swing interface and jMonkeys output (you can only query the graphics state from within the render thread). After this I got the links moving around, this was just graphics trickery, but gives the thing a polished feel.

Theres a big issue that the code brings down my XP box at the moment. This is really worrying since its Java, albeit with a lot of native graphics calls. Hopefully its just my old XP box getting hot in this weather!

Blogspot keeps going down in the afternoons, its like its being dossed or something...

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