Tuesday, July 11, 2006

First up I got the Vornoi running on dots with regular intervals. This was just a case of breaking many borderline conditions. The diagram below gives the most explainable, but there was also much fiddling 'until it worked'. I'm never happy in these situations, you never know when you might hit the exact case that make it fall over!-

I wrote a lot of code to clean up the Voronoi output. Something that finds the size of a polygon/block and if its smaller than some limit merge it with a neighbouring block. Heres an output of the block map (finally some real results) the cool thing is you can just keep hitting a key and it generates another. I'm supprised how good the voronoi it looks without any tinkering, I was expecting to have to do a lot to make streets look like streets etc...
You can see where some blocks have been randomly merged into their neighbours and where some that were too small also got merged, for example the hammer shape in the middle of the above pic. Solid results at last :)

Every five attempts at running it crashes with a mysterious 'zero length edge' message while shrinking the blocks, I'm about to go and look into it....

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