First up was a series of test on the concave Voronoi. As you can see it tesselates the enron logo nicely, even with the point on the trunk added last. I expected problems here because it has to trace around the edges to find all the points for the trunk points

Lol, you know when your in trouble when you come to find references for your work and the top google hit is yourself. I think this should be known as the (Ian) Hoyler effect due to the number of his courses where the top hit for a subject is his own website.

Some more testing (I forgot to switch assertions on this morning) and the convex voronoi needed polishing a bit:
Its to do with getting double readings when a bisector enters or leaves a shape due to rounding errors (particularly common in parametric form equations ive noticed....). While the algorithm could be fooled into giving the wrong output, I dont think that case will come up (famous last words I'm sure). "I'm only an undergrad, I'm not paid enough to fix this...."