Here are the diagrams of what was causing a problem on friday with upside down buildings - i'd forgotten that I find the normal of a plane by taking a cross product of its edge-vectors. This only works on a convex polygons without 180 degree (non) bends. I ended up just using trial and error - creating the transform, finding its area and flipping the normal if the area's not positive. I've asked Neill if theres a better way, but I'm fairly any solution would be O(n) in the number of edges, so I cant be far off.

By my contorted time scale I've got 3 weeks left of programming to go (given myself a bit more after last week). I'm a bit dissapointed Ive done so little, but I guess thats how software development goes. I was amazed to find the number of line of code I write each day is only about 500. Feels like a lot more. Lets hope that having my wisdom teeth out on thursday doesn't slow this down any more.

Spent the rest of the afternoon hunting the above borderline bug in the straight skeleton procedure: