Monday, July 31, 2006

Last week of coding. Lets get these things looking a bit more like houses! Plan for the week is:
  • walls and overhangs
  • different roofs
  • windows
  • drainpipes
although I will probably only get through the first two of these without a lot of g'n'b's. Next week will see me doing the write up. So I should have a draft of the write up to Colin by the 12th August. I'm then away for a week (going to the balloon fiesta in bristol for a day too...). I'll probably have a few hours that week to tidy the draft. I'll then spend a day or two adding any suggestions from Colin and getting it printed out.. I'll then sign it and send it unbound to Colin for submission I guess...

Lol, have also figured out (with a little help) how to create an offline version of my blog using

wget -e robots=off -E -H -p, --random-wait -r -l inf

They bar you from downloading images from their servers...even when they muck up converting gif's to png's and filling up space on their servers...

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  1. Anonymous19:06

    Tom, it looks really good. Good luck with this week's work and have a great time at the festival - I expect some good photos :) - Christine