Wednesday, July 26, 2006

OK... spent the morning looking at more Voronoi problems...then I came to the conclusion that I'd never fix it all up in time to complete this project.

So I went back and made the code more fault tolerant. If performing the voronoi on a block didn't work, it was left blank. I think I can get away with this with the current rate of errors by letting these areas be 'parks'. I really hated doing this (perhaps I should have done it a week ago really), but I also want to see the back of this project.

First block of houses with different houses on each block:

Right, one is good, many is better!:
Unfortunatley displaying a city this big in real time brings my computer to its knees. The poly counts are only going to get bigger... Solved this by only adding one giant mesh to the screen rather than one per polygon. It ment I lost my 1337 feature that clicking on a roof brought up the screen with the roof options tho...

One of the important aspects to talk about in the write up is how when we unable to use a routine a special exception is thrown (when assertions are turned off). This allows me catch errors I recogonise, but still recieve abnormal errors as they develop....

Now moving onto adding gardens and making the houses a little more square.

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