Finished writeup of the straight skeleton last night, although I could add an extra section about straight angled corder and weights, It seems long enough as it is!

I think i've got mental ray figured out, it all seems to be about the ambient light and final scatter. Looks really nice doesnt it?

I'm giving a quick description of the Voronoi tesselation and then onto a description of Sity's grammar. Thats going to involve lots of horrible diagrams and explinations of my meta data system.

Found another insntance of the Holyer effect - "concave voronoi", damn self refencing internet. I demand a DAG replace the web.

I wonder if theres a convention for quoting the source from whom you copied the reference from using google scholar? If you get an ammusingly-authored reference into google scholar, I'm sure you can get hundreds of published papers to quote "Sutherland and Cohen - the use of scissors in line clipping (1968)"

Right I reached what I thought was my goal for the word count by midday on Wednesay, I'm so not going to write another 12K words in the rest of the week, but hopefully make a lot of pretty pictures (worth at least 1K words each)

I've also just found out that:
  • Rob's got Maya 7 and mental ray installed on snow
  • snow's got 2 processors
  • snow's got 5GB memory
  • no one is using snow in the holiday
  • you can run maya from the command line
This means that there is a chance I can render out a massive image of an entire city in mental ray. Everything in mental ray looks cool. Lol then again if only I could get into the graphics department's cluster, I might be able to match the resolution of the printer that sits behind colin

Hmmm... have just realised that UML just isnt designed to deal with reflection gracefully, expect lots of annoying notes saying what a connection really it!

Well end of today and I'm up to 14K words, 45ish pages, 4 appendices (although one is naff) and 2 pages of references . There's a 50 page limit, so I guess its time to make constant references to an appendix to annoy the reader. It may even be sensible to put all the results into an appendix. Should be able to do all except the user guide and results tomorrow :)