Monday, August 07, 2006

First day of right up. Kinda cheating here, but used my notes on research (3K words), tidied them up and wrapped it all up in some business plan fluff, in total 5,207 words (not that a high word count == good!) .This just about covers the background section of the thesis, described on the course website as

Background - why what you have done is a good idea. What work your project builds upon. Explain your new idea or application. Remember this is aimed at a technically competent person. [15 pages]In here you are explaining all the specialist knowledge that we need to understand the particular branch of computer science you have been involved with.

This was not a particularly clear starting point, so I just explained what sity is, who will want it & why - and moved onto a review of papers in the area interspaced with my own comments and observations. I'm not sure what 'specialist knowledge' means but apart from a short section on the skelton and voronoi (the details of which are much better saved for the implementation chapter), I'm sure words like 'roof', 'road' and 'house' are kinda self explanitory. Also some stuff about the point of view of the people who will be using it (artists hopefully) and how it should be easy to us, but again leaving the meat of the discussion to a technical chapter.

and i dedicated it to green & blacks....(ginger in particular) not sure if your allowed to dedicate thesi but I just did....

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