Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Had more problems with me forgetting myself - the Collections.shuffle(List) command was used and of course this made the decisions made random. This was replaced by Collections.shuffle(List, Random), to make the result deterministic to my program. I also had a go with a static code anyalsis technique - finding all instance of HashSet or HashMap (due to VM optimisation these arn't deterministic), as well as System.exit s used in debugging that got forgotten about. Still trying to track down a NullPointer in the new roof union, strangely it only occurs with fat walls, something about merging all sides of a cell is my guess!

The Voronoi and camp skeleton algorithms complement each other. The skeleton creates very rigid geometry, with interesting exceptions that appeal to the eye as man made. The Voronoi is able to clean up these anomalyies into something that is suitable for additional computation.

Here's a description of the unioning procedure I made up it runs in linear time compared to the number of points added, so I'm quite happy with it. Theres also a render of a 200mx200m square sity, the maya transfre was so slow after 3K triangles, that I gave up on the cenre bit...

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