Friday, August 11, 2006


Its been sent off for a draft reading. I didnt read the last half pretty well and I think the format the department demands make the business stuff look thin and the academic stuff hard to find.

Strange that the website says they collect the thesisis for an online library but one doesn't exist.

Quite a few new bits and pieces were left out that will go unpublished (such as a cool reflection wrapper class, my plans for meta-java using the class loader) because of the fixed word limit, and 6 appendices is more than anyone'll read anywhoo. Its a shame becase the business stuff should have been left for the buisness plan as business and academia are pretty incompatible goals. Much of it I felt I was writing just to prove I knew stuff that was tested for in other units (the design stuff), but hopefully shows some of the thought that went into it. Much better would have been to let us decide the format. 1 business plan and 3 short academic style papers would have saved everyone a lot of reading (and a lot of trees). It is kinda insulting (to us and them) gettomg us to read papers that give complex and speedy overviews of a topic and then expect us to only be able to write a monolog about the processes we went through.

well enough of that I'm offta cornwall for a week in the rain :)


  1. maysam15:30

    do you have an implementation of the straight skeleton algorithm or anything similar


  2. hey, yeah i've got an implementation, but its not really release worthy yet (and I'm not sure I should publish university work before its graded). Tis a java version that (sometimes) works on contorted data types - why are you interested in skeletons?