Lol woke up to find my mental ray rendering option had dissapeared, luckily this post was near the top of google results! Yay for mental ray!:
Still not quite sure how to get the perfect images that you see in some the publications, I cant find the ambience bounce option that is present in mighty radiosity...

Wrote a lot of words today about the straight skeleton hoodicky. Now up to 9.800 words and 30 pages. Lets hope the rest is a little more brief, some could be cut out to the appendix, but a lot of it is my own work built around someone elses so i dont really want to relegate it that far. but anyway it looks like I'm over half way to the thesis 'minimum' of 50 pages. Its a bit of an arbitrary limit.

It was one of those days when trying to concentrate on any one section would just result in me adding more to a different, unconnected chapter. Not very good really.

I did however manage to use the phrase "hollow point" and produce a reasonable argument to name my modifications to the straight skeleton as a "camp skeleton"

I just realised that I dont really want to give the source code of the project to anyone. It does seem kinda childish, I guess I thought about this when I signed up for a degree but dont remember now. It feels like its all my work, and since I'm paying Bristol for tuition it feels unfair that Bristol owns the IP to the work. I wonder if this will change when they start screwing (I guess they've already started) students out of more tuition. It would certainally make bristol's business credientials (its outstanding positive feature) more plausable and attractive to business minded students. But I guess I'll leave it up on the website for a while. I think the critical thing here is that there is no work here that couldn't be hacked together by a C guru with the right libraries in 24 hours...

To be honest for the amount that they are charging students to go to bristol my honest advice for computer scientists is to move to california and use the same money (as an in-state student) to get into one of the UC campuses near silicon valley. People would become much better scientists in that culture, and have a the inside track to a dev job with one of the big companies over there (unlike being a sales and marketing monkey if you join in the uk).