Sunday, August 20, 2006

Right back from holiday last night so its time to get this thing published.

I think I've decided to publish all the code and the write up once it's been graded. I finally found the Bristol IP Policy, and it seems like its mine to do as I like with. I have half a mind to try and get some commercial recognition, but trying to deal with RED would be a chore and Sity is a long way from being commercially useful. Will probably release the material under the GPL, since I dont like the idea of people making money (without sharing the code) out of what I've done at bristol. I guess I've still got copyright stuff so I can commercialis(z!)e it at will. Would be cool to keep developing and turn it properly open source, would make the jMonkey team very happy to have a custom city generator custom made for them! But we're looking at hundreds of hours of work! I think the most likely track is to take it up as a phD, I just gotta find a CS department with a computational geometry department that doesn't suck! The alternative is to go underground and keep developing in the evenings until the program shows enough commerical promise to go live....

Strange thing is no one has ever talked about IP rights at bristol, I'm sure when I started the IP rights got assigned to the universtiy - I wonder when they changed it around. They seem to talk big about business, but as David May admitted, they've only had one commercial sucess with their MEng course, and with credentials like that (and James Barlow on the loose) I'd rather do it on my own.

Oh, and google video is back! Woo for a non Murdoch owned alternative to uTube! No more waiting for verification.... Look - our daft dog trying to burry a spade (something ironic there?) but failing big time:

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