Tuesday, August 22, 2006

right, time to get some test renders out of this mess!-

Strange thing is today I only just used java's do...while construct for the first time. I think thats very wrong, just goes to show that convention can be damaging. It would have solved some ugly cludges I've put in, and made the code much nicer and simpler. Since if you thinking about ugly code your not thinking about what your doing it just goes to show that the language you think in does effect your results.

I switched to the beta version of blogger today, seems to have fixed my two gripes with blogger - the 80% failure rate when uploading images and the strange need for republishing to static pages. Big up guys!

oops, oh dear it looks like the pirates beat the straight skeleton in the google video download charts (however google is beating uTube 2:1 for pirate video hits, and is also not-quite-as-bad-a-quality-as-youtube):

Title Page Views Downloads
Fairy Lights 40 1
Voronoi computation 9 0
big test render 12 0
camp skeleton 30 0
crazy clown land 11 0
first city flyby 53 0
irregular weighted straight skeleton (camp skeleton) construction 22 0
more pirates! 469 4
mungo 12 0
night glow 6 0
pirates ahoy 800 6
straight skeleton animination 47 0
straight skeleton eve demo 38 0
trippy debugging 242 1
vornoi tesselation art 9 0
weighted straight skeleton 26 0
weighted straight skeleton 33 0
Totals 1859 12


I've wasted minutes of the lives of 1859 people...

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  1. Hello,
    Hopefully this gets through. I couldn't find a decent contact email address.

    I just came across your thesis during a search on procedural city and building generation. Very impressive work. I am still reading through the thesis trying to understand everything.

    I have been trying to get a better understanding on the processes involved in this type of content generation for a while. Unfortunately I am so far removed from the academic sector I have had a hard time grasping all the concepts. I am hoping that it is just some "minor" piece of the puzzle I have been missing that is keeping it from clicking completely.

    I was wondering if you knew of some good resources on L-Systems, Shape grammars, voronoi, and/or other relevant topics, more geared toward the uninitiated.

    - How did you go about starting your research in this direction?
    - Are there any reference implementations and/or examples?
    - Are there any extended documents on the topics? (more along the lines of a thesis, than the shorter tech reports I usually find)
    - How are the grammars defined?
    - How are they interpreted, thus converted into the desired representation?

    Mueller's work on cities, buildings, etc. have been a big inspiration in my interest in this, as well as projects such as yours, but I have just been trying to find a proper introduction to the topics and the process taking it from theory to implementation.

    Do you have any recommendation on how someone such as myself would start on such an endeavor?

    Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Geoffrey W. Curtis