Friday, August 04, 2006

Righty ho fed up of arbitrary limits on city sizes due to speed of dump to wrote an .obj export. Once the files are in .obj format (and because i do a bunch of optimisations of only outputting each vertex once now, am thinking the jMonkey bit would also benefit a lot from this...) maya can import in seconds and display (lighted in real time) a 400mx400m section of city without any problems...

And a 1Km by 1Km (the obj file alone, with no normals is 30mb...) Adding more detail to these houses suddenly looks like a daunting task, doors and windows would be something like x6 effect on the polycount. Lets put the solution to this down to More's Law...

Have also added a simple load and save facility (that doesnt really work) to allow waterfalls to be written to disk as serialised objects, and read back again. Something is stopping it working and the stack traces are unuseful! Probably best to leave this until after writeup has been submitted - I intend to go on a big bug hun tto make the thing more presentable. I dont pretend to get rid of them all, I dont pretend that I can, but I may be get to the point where it doesn't crash in a 10 minute demo!

One of the main problems in programming speed seems to be familiriarity with the code. I wonder if it should be possible to add automated tests to a program that checks that the programmer understands what they are doing?

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