Friday, August 01, 2008

1kg for a touring tent? I can do better than that :P

If you clamp the breaks on, you just need the fly-sheet. no poles!

you'd probably want a front door, and inner on that mind you...

It already exists. The Topeak Bikamper comes in at 1.6kg.

Doesn't quite seem light enough for me - I got an entire 2 man tent down to 1.3kg for touring...
the morning after

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  1. oh bruva I care...I really do!

    I like your idea although probably only good for a temp shelter to get out the rain and not over night. Over night without a tent is best done with piece of tarpaulin (approx 7'x7') a few bits of string, a hammock and a bivvy bag (covering the sleeping bag!). Haven't weighed that combination but believe it would come in well below 1kg.

    I don't like the bike tent they have, I sure wouldn't want my front forks and disk brakes resting on the floor like that or more to the point stick in the mud! and wouldn't trust it with fast winds...