Day 19 (Am very confused about which day is which) St Malo -> Avanches via Mount St Michael.

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Day 20 Avanaches -> Caen

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Day 21 Train from Caen -> Lille. It took all day because you have to take the local trains with a bike in France.

Day 22 Lille -> Middleburg.

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Day 23 Middleburg -> Monster / but by a less dum route than google thinks....

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Day 24 Monster -> Zandvoot. Went to go and see the Escher exhibition in the palace in Der Haag! Original MCE prints! woo! and a chandelier shaped like a skull and cross bones!

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Biking in Holland is fantastic, loads of great signage and cyclepaths...but the paths don't always go the straightest route and they are only flat enough for a Netherlands Bike. The road bike has real problems with so many cobbles with such a weight on it. Between that and the constant north easterly wind, progress is slow, but very enjoyable. Everything is very sensible and scandinavian (returning plastic bottles at the back of every supermarket, well kept everything).

Very cold mornings and evenings, I've ended up buying a fleece to keep the worst of the cold out. Between that and my great sleeping bag, I'm toasty at night. Once the sun reaches you in the morning it starts getting warm and the afternoons are almost hot.

With so many bikers, it´s strange because you don´t greet other cyclists like you did in france even tho racer guys who are out on the weekends'. Ah well, the people are nice and friendly and speak better english than i do. I´ve also started seeing you people since I´ve gotten to the towns, why are only old people allowed in the countryside in Holland? Young people seem to stick to the towns....

Was a very nice campsite last night (and for €15 it should be!) but I ended up with a sanding pitch and a tent still wet from last night. And now I´ve got a wet and sandy tent (with a torn bag around it) in my bag.

Day 25... well I'm in Amsterdam and tis lunch time. Will be heading north soon.