From a misc. tent in a misc. valley

Day 4-

Cuddilaro to Villaviciosa. (google says 115km)

Kinda a drag of a day now I look back. Left the lovely campsite in high spiritis, then the fantastic n-362a that swoops and dives around the motorway. The motorway gets tens of fantastic viaducts and you go all the way down to the sea and back up again each time. Great, but exhausting. I took a wrong turn and ended up on a beach with a long tunnel through to a hidden cove beyond (but no compact flash reader so photos will wait till next time) There is a another pilgrim´s trail here...to sandiego? There where lots of people walking along the coast, but I was suprised by the lack of motorbikes on a such a great road - i don´t think there are many in Spain, but if this was the uk it would have been crawling with bikers on holiday... Avilles to Gijon was a dull drag through suburbia.

The one notable point of the day was wondering into a Hyperion mega mart (John Lewis plus Tesos combined) looking for camping gaz. So I was standing there, dripping with sweat and bits of the real outdoors still caked onto me standing on astroturf listening to pop music, looking at tents... surreal. Found some on the second floor and got told of for taking a photo (will post it soon)

Gijon - Villa. was a goodrun through the mountians e-256, but by the time I´d got there, been lured by a chinese place with an English menu (food was shite on a plate tho) it was too dark to make the climb to the campsite (found it the next day - would have been an hour´s climb in the dark) so I ended up in a hotel for 26 euros and crashed hard. Mr. Bike slept in the garage.

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Day 5 (Tuesday 2nd sept?¿) 98km

Was really hungry in the morning so it was a packet of chocolate ricecakes with misc. stawberry sauce, then off along the coast. Was misc. main road till the pass from Farrero to VillarMayor. Massive haul up and down, but empty road (two other bikers where out) Great views from top, and finally getting away from that motway on the coast. Got some photos of cows with bells :)

Then on the straight to Cagnes, long slight downhill on wide, busyish road. A very nice place to stop and have lunch by the big pointed bridge, go for a bit of a paddle and get some maps fo the aea.

Final stretch through mountains (and pass [out of time in kisok, continued three days later...] a town called Poo )don´t worry photos are comming... The final stretch down the shear sided valley in with the low sun was properly pretty, and the campsite at the bottom was on the river so Mr. Bike could have a wash. He´s been getting quite dirtly, not really being designed for touring and all that. Just time for cooking and then some sleep.

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