crazy french keyboards!

Time overdue for an update methinks. Been a bit down for a few days so I'll take it slow from this warm cafè. Still no working CF reader 5so no photos). I suspect my CF card is bending the pins in the readers as I travel around...oops ;)

Day 9 Zarautz to Ainhoa 127km

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So I finally made it to france! about bloody time too. great treck through the mountains. The only way I can find to dry my clothes properly is to wash them in the morning and then wear them till they4re dry. No problem as if it's raining i4m alredy wet and if not they4re dry by midday. I got new sunglasses and a replacement for that lost derailuer nut this morning. Oh boy do i look cool now ;) nerds never look cool, we just think we do... Great climb up through the hills on the GI-2631, a dum detour up to Alkiza 5was cool because there where kids racing bikes in the village village at the top and i got to cross the finish line before racing downhill!


Then the (slightly pretty) major climb up the GI 2130. Good long uphill to get into.Good downhill to San Sebastian (ti,ed mysef at 90sec a km) and into a supermarket 5now everything is in french and spanish...) and ate too much. Then the final slow treck up into the hills - was a bit to much after so much food, but made it to the top after a 'siesta' on a log pile in the rain and mist. Big rolling hills, a big version of the Peaks. Then a longer downhill than i thought to the french border (very dull, just q kiosk left) and into canp at dusk.

damn, being kicked out am now so am in rocheford sur mer in france! check flickr!