Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Student IMAP servers Glasgow

[edit nov 2009, they've moved to a new system, but given us instructions this time]

Because a search for these servers returns nothing, here are the addresses for the University of Glasgow Webmail IMAP servers for students: [edit: new uni webmail is here (old (pre 2010 is here)]

To access webmail in a mail client such as Outlook use the following detail.

Incoming server is IMAP.
The incoming server name is
The outgoing server is

NOTE: In order to use the University smtp server you must install and run the VPN client on your home PC/laptop. You do not need to enable SPA, or the "SMTP server requires authentication" option.

Alternatively you can use your ISP's smtp server which can be found on your ISP's help page.


  1. Anonymous16:10

    Thanks man, I've been looking for this.

  2. Hi!
    I'm hoping you can help me: what are the default ports (for sending messages through my email) on the glasgow uni outgoing server? I'm new, and having enough trouble finding the main building that I don't even want to start looking for ITS lol!

  3. Anonymous11:02