engineered emergent behaviour

More morphogenic field playing, using this matrix

{-1f,  0f, 0f},
{10f,-.1f, 0f},
{-2f,  3f,20f}};

(horizontal = cell type, vertical = attraction to field)
(red, green, blue)

We can get double-walled cells! (almost) The white field is the red cell morphogen.

I'm considering that more rules are needed to make the cell-wall continuous and unbreakable. Maybe adding springs between the cells once they've been next to another cell of a certain type for a set period.

[edit] these people have been playing these games since 94.

[edit] this file will run the simulation on your computer if you've got Java 1.6 and webstart enabled. The referenced files contains the source code. Thanks Phys2D!