phoenix weather warning

Hmmm.... turns out that storm cloud on the google homepage that means "it'll piss down all day" in Scotland means "10 mins of drizzle" in the desert. Well...you know...one thousand words for snow and the rest of it.


semantic deformation

Last week I did a rather slap-dash job at presenting Semantic Deformation Transfer ( pdf | acm | 2009 ) by Baran, Vlasic, Grinspun and Popović. I didn't do a very good job, but here're the slides:

There are typos in the document. It says re-encoding the base pose doesn't give the base pose, when the paper says it does. I think I meant that they don't show re-encoding an arbitrary input pose.

The videos are missing from the presentation, they can be found

and here:



Am a bit of a fan of spotify and am just jotting down some experiences of using it abroad. I signed up while in the UK, and was happy enough with the service (even if they kept increasing the number of adverts). It worked through the notorious Glasgow University proxy (after some tweaking) and had a large enough selection of music for me (if not my obscure-scandinavian-rock-loving brother).

When I moved to Arizona, spotify continued to work...but the adverts stopped! So I'm getting the 10 pound per month premium service for free. (Even though it doesn't seem to hard to circumvent, even from the UK) This is really strange - if I'm on holiday why not just serve me British adverts? I guess they're preparing for their US launch. 
The service abroad stops working every two weeks. But you just need a friend to log in for you (or know the correct tunneling incantations) to log in via a UK ip adress (see notes on the notorious Glasgow University Proxy).