Sunday, June 07, 2009


Am a bit of a fan of spotify and am just jotting down some experiences of using it abroad. I signed up while in the UK, and was happy enough with the service (even if they kept increasing the number of adverts). It worked through the notorious Glasgow University proxy (after some tweaking) and had a large enough selection of music for me (if not my obscure-scandinavian-rock-loving brother).

When I moved to Arizona, spotify continued to work...but the adverts stopped! So I'm getting the 10 pound per month premium service for free. (Even though it doesn't seem to hard to circumvent, even from the UK) This is really strange - if I'm on holiday why not just serve me British adverts? I guess they're preparing for their US launch. 
The service abroad stops working every two weeks. But you just need a friend to log in for you (or know the correct tunneling incantations) to log in via a UK ip adress (see notes on the notorious Glasgow University Proxy).


  1. hold on...I just heard the first advert after 4 months. Have they fixed the bug? Are they getting ready for a USA rollout?

  2. Anonymous08:35

    Im at glasgow university just now. How did you get past the proxy settings on the university's computer system? Would be great to be able to use spotify while im at uni.

  3. short answer, proxy server:

    So (on windows) there's an option from the log-in screen to give a proxy and a port number. From the dreaded glasgow.pac file,

    return "PROXY; " +
    "PROXY; " +
    "PROXY; " +
    "PROXY; " +

    you can see the servers ( etc... and that they run on 8080.

  4. Anonymous19:43

    Thanks a million. Works like a charm.
    Uni work just got a lot more bearable.

  5. Anonymous14:02

    hey, im at southampton solent university and i cant get spotify to work, it takes ages to load and then just doesnt log on, any sort of proxy or something i could use?


  6. I cant get it to work in the glasgow uni network. Any ideas? is it HTTPS i need to have selected? Euan x

  7. Anonymous14:01

    Does anybody know how to access spotify on a mac at Glasgow Uni?


  8. Anonymous23:32

    I second the request for getting it to work at southampton solent!

  9. Anonymous19:06

    Do the exact same for mac. Open spotify, go into preferences, lick HTTP on proxy add in the proxy server number and the port, then put in your GUID and password (same ones you use to connect to the internet) click apply. Exit spotify, reopen and allow it to connect to the internet and enjoy.

  10. Anonymous16:44

    for southampton solent resnet, you need to use
    port number 8082
    then use your uni username/password

  11. Anonymous23:54

    still no luck with solents spotify :(

  12. Anonymous15:32

    If anyone at Aberdeen Uni is reading this, to access Spotify while connected to eduroam, in Spotify under Edit > preferences > set proxy type as HTTPS, host to and port to be 8080 then enter your university username and password. Worked for me anyway.

    1. Anonymous14:37

      Yeah this aberdeen uni example works! ^^ :D

    2. It's the year 2013. Exams are nigh and late night "tension in the air" study sessions in the Sir Duncan Rice library are made a little less heavy due to Spotify (which is finally working). Thank you, you good sir!

  13. Anonymous15:51

    Brilliant, so happy I can Spotify in the library.

    Another Glasgow Uni student.