skeleton project progress

I can't say a lot about the skeleton project*, however, we got a very rushed paper together that was rejected, but we got some nice renders (and a whole bunch of feedback) about on the work. A few sneaky pictures follow :) as ever, they were all made with the blender render template I've made, and rendered in yafaray. Basic idea is a straight-skeleton based rapid prototyping tool for architecture. At a stretch it could even be called procedural.

house of horrors

I was worried the paper-reviewers would complain about the artsy backgrounds to the renders, however that was the one part of the work that wasn't panned. Most of the backgrounds were my own photos, many from this flickr set.


Something that took longer than it should have, but really makes these renders special is the tiling. Each tile on the roof is a polygon, and it basically involved writing an old-school rasterizer so each roof edge could position it's tiles. Never got around to creating tiles for the roof edges tho - so it looks like they are all made out of cardboard, which is really cute and make them look like real architectural models.

*that's one thing about working with collaborators, I've got to protect their investments as well as mine. Yes that means we're going to make this project even more awesome and try again.