Wednesday, September 14, 2011

siteplan source release


I'm very happy to finally announce the long overdue release of SitePlan, my procedural extrusions implementation. There is information about the project here.

Please use the software! The source code is here

Here's a very clumsy demonstration video of me using the software:

And some of the kinds of things you can create if you invest a little more time.

With any luck I'll have the slides from Siggraph converted into video any week now...


  1. matt08:30

    looks really cool, will have to look into this more deeply.

  2. Some temp instructions about natural steps and profile offsets:

    To create profile offsets, double click on the plan, and select "create profile offset".

    To create a natural step, click "fetures", "plus", "natural step". Then highlight the new entry in the list, click on the red "0/2" button, and then control-click on a plan and profile edge to create the two anchors. Click the "edit plan" button in the features window to edit the step inserted (again double click on an edge to edit the speed).