Started off getting JMonkey (3D interface) to work within Javas swing environment. This was a bit of a mess and took a bit of hacking together of the JME and Swing API's. I eventually got it able to open more than one 3d window within one swing application. It was a drag that

They should let the labs get warmer when its hot outside - the air conditioning is freezing in here.

Picture is of hypergraph/'waterfall' system. All done in a 3D engine for opengl niceness of graphics (and dev speed)!

After lunch I made storming progress getting the Maya-like hypergraph up and running. You can select and move components (known as waterfalls). It even draws nice curves between them (but doesn't yet move the curves as you move the waterfalls). The screen shot from today is really pretty.

The idea is to have three windows, one of this waterfall view, one of the predicted output from the currently selected node (eg if your working on a window it shows typical designes that the tree from that point forward would generate) and one with boring load/save etc... buttons. The options for the waterfall will appear in this last window when the waterfall is selected

  • Make the curves/links/'flows' visible over the waterfalls
  • Make the curves move with the waterfalls
  • Make it possible to make and break flows in the GUI
  • Add some text to the waterfalls
  • Create the reflection code that will generate the options for each waterfall
  • [if time: create a grouping/boxing mechanism...]
  • Saving and loading a waterfall structure (and all associated options) comes next...

Dunno why blogspot was down all afternoon, but heres the post!