(appologies for image size, blogger thinks its acceptable to convert a 60KB gif to a 500KBpng....)
I was wondering where all the heap space was going- above was a kinda cool looking bug. Its what hapen if the street front of a house becomes reall small. Its interesting that as we take the voronoi to the limit, it creates very 'straight skeleton'-like structures for us...

...a bit more work tinkering with internals and I have a system that gives everybody a garden. The very cool thing in this next grab is that most houses are rectangular. I never told it to do this, it seems to be a fairly fundamental geometric thing - if you want a house near a straight street, then the best shape for it is a rectange. Note the neat way the voronoi deals with the corner cases with minimal effort...!

What we have is a parameters for distance from all other houses, another for distance from the street, which is added to (optionally) on one front to create a front of the house.

Am now really confident in the project. I only have a weeks coding left, but feel it now produces results that highlight the effort thats gone into the mathsay bits. I've also done the analysis on my grades from bristol and it looks like that as long as I pass this I'll get the degree I was aiming for. wooo!

Wont be up to much tomorrow or this weekend. The hippyfest that is the cambridge folk festival is in town... (photos here)

Overview of process so far. I gotta go and plan how to create the houses & roofs nicely!: