First attempt at mental ray on a large city:

The city wasn't really worked on (that would take weeks to get right) but shows a lot of the types of buildings you can make with it - from overhanging rooves to flat ones with walls. A little silly because the rooves run into each other, and a bit too bleached out but its a good start. I'm considering leaving the streets without geometry just to add a bit of contrast...

Most of today was spent botching together some roof code so it works consitently enough for large cities. Tomorrow I'm going to make a proper grammar (now load and save are working) and see if I can get a 1Km square render out of maya....

lol also found the remote command to run maya over the network:
/usr/aw/maya/bin/Render -im ~/../mental/new -r mr -v 4
-x 600 -y 600 -of tiff -cam persp -rt 4 filename.mb

works great for a 600 square image in filename.mb using 4 threads and mental ray (mr) to a tiff file called "new".
Not quite sure how to set up final gather settings, I'm hoping they are in the maya binary you send. I know from last time i ran the command "y > /tmp/file" (go on try this....) on snow that i've got at least 4GB of tmp space to render tmp images into, and that snow doesnt clean or limit access to the tmp folder. This may be useful for animations at a later date.