Lol, righty ho last dev day today, so time to crank up the outputs.

I can now have buildings with overhanging rooves, ridges marking the boundries between stories and different walls with different slopes.

In breaking news, a google search for sity no places this blog at number 4. In your face sity communications. I guess thats what you get for having a blog with google...good rankings even if no one links to the blog!

Tomorrow I'm starting writing up. I think I should have a reasonable draft to show colin by the end of the week (then I'm off on holiday for another week)...Chapter headings to include:
  • research
  • voronoi
  • straight skeleton
  • overview of method
  • gui
  • engineering
  • a user guide
I think about a day each for those (or less, I've already got most of the illustrations). About 2K words for each probably so about 12K in total. Should be able to do it mostly in a week!