Wrote a thing that merges the panel of a roof into one, this will let us create walls and overhanging roofes with ease. So far the results arn't perfect, but look promising:

Kinda cool things are: houses share one wall, so houses will have built several walls of their preffered hight around them. The top of the walls can be bevelled, using the skeleton procedure too!

Lol found the bug that was making some of the walls come out upside down: When we traverse the hashset of points when merging the woof panels into a wall, it is critical that the first panel output to sheet builder is a positive one, else theres a chance sheetbuilder will decide up is down. To solve this we just ensure that the first point traversed is on the edge of the shape (corelDraw to come tomrw!

da Jesus of suburbia:

I don't really like the walls, a bit too twee for my liking, perhaps an option to have them in the back gardens, and then ensure the default is to use them sparingly.

Tomorrow is onto the dredded task of making roofs with overhangs and roofs with hatchings. Will probably take rest of week/project!