Now macs have all gots webcams, and seeing the current trend towards really shiny GUI buttons, why dooesn't Aqua now have buttons that really reflect what is going on in the room?

Right, I had a good go at lush and after too many errors I'm giving up. Not enough documentation - the Ogre toolkit looked awsome but without any documentation I thought I'd rather be back in Java. There were too many random crashes for my liking but Stack overflows are to be expected tho!:

? (fib 6000)

*** printf : sorry, stack full (Merci Yann)

My next effort is to get the jacol libary built under os x.... The plan here is to use the (if not) excellent (then slow) swing and jMonkey libaries from inside clisp. From what I can tell it (like lush) has been abandoned, but since I know a little Java I figured it was worth a go.

First up this error shows up after ./configure --prefix=/sw/bin (cause I'm a fink user) and doing make

;; Compiling file /Users/tomkelly/Desktop/jacol-0.33/lib/md2.lisp ...
*** - invalid byte #xE9 in CHARSET:ASCII conversion

Tis a character encoding thingy (guess the old version of clisp wasn't utf8 friendly). A little searching showed and answer in an old log page. So it seems to build if you change the 'pre:' section in the Makefile to (alternative fix)
clisp -q -c build.lisp
clisp -Efile ISO-8859-1 -Eterminal ISO-8859-1 -Emisc ISO-8859-1 -q -c ./lib/md5.lisp;
cp ./lib/md5.fas ./src/lisp;



next up I didnt want to install this fly by night (read: no native os x) thing onto my system (and beside make install didn't really work). I changed the jacol-0.33/bin/jacol script by replacing the relevant line with:
then I could start the server-
/jacol-0.33/bin$ jacol -jp 2424 -s
Java server listening on port 2424
Lisp server listening on port 16763
To get me a java server running on port 2424. A basic test says it works - woo!
~/Desktop/jacol-0.33/examples/dates $ ../../bin/jacol date-formatter.lisp
18:46:03 2006
September 2006 AD
The time is 06 46 04
Your time zone is BST
Your time zone is also British Summer Time

But I did end changing the /bin/jacol script file to point to the absolute location of JACOL_HOME. Guess I'm just a linux l4m3r...swing demo works too -

(I always have to get one picture into a post....) Right, so now what do I have to do to be able to call java fns from inside the clisp interactive environment thingy?

Then I decided that I've got way to much free time at the moment for it to be this easy, so I'm trying to write my own socket based RMI for lisp. The trick is with these things to make sure that someone else you can talk to has finished the same thing, or that there are lots of people doing the same thing around you doing the same thing.I have neither - most of the lisp/java crossovers are abandoned....