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Here's an idea - agile movie production.

To make a film you go through a number of steps, like the waterfall model of Software development. Once each step is complete you move onto the next one. You never really go back a step - once the script is written, you don't change it much, once filming is done, you don't redo it. This means that if you decide to change something ( that the film takes place on a haunted space ship instead of an infested submarine) you have to abandon loads of work (scratch a lot of filming) swimming upstream to make the changes.

If we take the agile methodology to this you would start with a simple yet complete story, get something that can is releasable as soon as possible and then continue to fill in the gaps. By sketching out concepts and filling in the details when we have a better idea of the context we don't waste effort. If everything is low effort we're not afraid to make the sweeping changes we need to make a better film.

So we could write a simple story, sketch it out, decide what we like and what sucks, fill in some details, change the story, change the lighting in the final scene, then change whodunnit before we show it to a focus group, and see what they think sucks.

Some tools that'll come along in the next few years that could make this possible this:
  • Face mapping - your lead actor quits! use a clever computer hoodicky to map the original face onto another actor.
  • Fat-pipe broadband - sharing movies is time consuming today, this'll be fixed soon.
  • Good previs software - tools like antics3d and iclone make it really fast to get some footage in the can. They still have a long way to go tho, be sure to pick one that is still improving (And yes I work for 'storm team.)
  • Other refactoring tools - Make it easy to carry through sweeping changes - you can change the gender of a character in moviestorm in three clicks.
  • Collaborative film creation. Any person can make an edit they want as long as it is consistent. Lots of material would get left behind, but it would all add back-story and character to the piece.