North coast!

So have finally got back online at St Malo, while I'm waiting for tkhe world to warm up i should fill in some details!

Day 10:

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Turns out that campsite had lots of slugs! Ainhoa through biarritz to St-Girons.
Day 11:

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St-Girons to Dunes-de-Pilat. Dull coast, great sunset and fantastic dunes under the moonlight. Canpsite was under the big dune - really cool stuff:

Day 12:

Dunes to Ile d Oleron, Boyardville.

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Day 13:

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Boyardville to Rochefort, a rest day - slept well in a hostel and made tat last scattered blog post;

Day 14:

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Rochefort to Pouzages, (50 km se of Nantes. Another spoke broke, so i ended up getting a wheel changed; the new wheel has even less spokes... but seems to be doing well.

Day 15:

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Pouzages to Guerche de Br. a small villqge near Rohnes

Day 16: (seem to have lost a day somewhere°

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Guerche to St. Malo. A long ride over ever flattening hills; Every hill has its cathederal, and every cathederal has its castle; Was great to get some miles down; Was a sunday so usual problems of finding anywhere to buy anything. Ended up in Malo at _ great campsite overlooking the bay....and great shower and bog roll to boot! Now off to look around town (and being very aware that i'm not the nicest smelling person in this cafe...)

I'ts all a bit of a blur france being big and mostmy dull in the middle, but it's very nice just letting the miles wash over me every day. I'll come back and fill in some details soon!