higher dimensional skeletons

from Weighted skeletons and fixed-share decomposition ( Aurenhammer | 2007 | ps | doi )

Higher dimensions

The concept of weighted skeleton (or weighted medial axis) is not limited to two dimensions. Given a convex polytope P in Ęd and an assignment of positive weights to its facets, a unique convex cell complex inside P can be defined, either by the respective shrinking process, or based on weighted distances to the hyperplanes that support P. In fact, the decomposition and optimality results presented in Section 3 and Section 4, respectively, directly generalize to higher dimensions.
Thusly we may draw:


Fun thing here is to compare what happens through the dimensions and see how high you can go before your head explodes. Also what the procedural modeling ramifications of each step are.


very dull video of the sony cw

Here's a long, uninteresting video of the Sony Vaio CW booting Ubuntu (64 bit, wifi not a problem, but the video took a little work for the nVidia drivers how to in this post), then it shows the splash-top an instant-on web browser (that takes about to long to boot as the other operating systems take to come out of standby). This works well (flash videos play fullscreen), and I wave the screen around a bit to show the not-so-great viewing angle, but great brightness compared to my old powerbook laptop. Finally we see it booting windows 7, which is very pretty and does everything it should do.

What I didn't manage to show was the rattling battery. There's half a millimeter or so of space around it, and it doesn't lock into place properly. You don't notice it when you're using the laptop, but it's annoying when you're packing the laptop up.

Still really liking this 'top. A bit to much shiny-toy plastic, but generally responsive and enjoyable to use.

Video was taken inside, with indoor lighting, on a canon 500d. Sorry for the shaky bits.

[edit:] One year on, and generally I've loved this laptop. It now runs only windows (*nix is for work, windows for play), for video games. But just before the (international!) year's warranty ran out I had to get the the screen and the power-socket on the laptop fixed. The screen was graying out when you moved the monitor and it suffered from the classic Vaio fault of needing the power lead held to one side to charge. I was, however, impressed by the speed and ease of the returns process tho (apart from the premium rate number you had to call to arrange collection).