some videos of procedural extrusions.

Renders finished on some around procedural extrusions last week (paper, extra videos). This is a technique for the procedural modeling of buildings. A fade of the same set of 6,000 footprints synthesized from Atlanta.

A natural step is a perturbation of the plan of a building at a height. By growing the shape of the step, we create more robust geometry:

We can use this footprint to grow features of the building, such as this dormer window. The important point here, is that even though we ask the algorithm to position the step in strange places, the result is always "quite" valid and "quite" architectural. The result is always a well-formed mesh.

We can animate the floorplan to create a wide range of architectural forms.

And if you spend more time using the interactive tool, you can make some really intricate examples (all modelled from photos/plans).

These are the stretchy elements that we stick onto the architectural shells when we're done - (note that you should only let them stretch in certain ways)

Shoddy rendering for Siggraph-fast forward video: