uk epsrc ict pioneers

A couple of weeks back I won the 'Transforming Society' award from the EPSRC's UK ICT Pioneers contest. Not sure I'll ever transform society, but it was a fun event, with lots of interesting people to chat to.

Another poster:

city sculpt - ict pioneers poster

And some video-with-pretty-lights:

Press coverage here, here and here. Was kind of fun for a Sicsa student to win a prize at an Epsrc event ;)

Shout out to Zdenek for making the front page of reddit with his winning entry :)


The best thing is that I'm funded by sicsa, a Scottish competitor to Epsrc!
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Interactive Architectural Modeling with Procedural Extrusions

ACM Transactions on Graphics, volume 30. issue 2. pages 14:1-14:15.2011
[ doi | pdf | pptx | code ]

We present an interactive procedural modeling system for the exterior of architectural models. Our modeling system is based on procedural extrusions of building footprints. The main novelty of our work is that we can model difficult architectural surfaces in a procedural framework, e.g. curved roofs, overhanging roofs, dormer windows, interior dormer windows, roof constructions with vertical walls, buttresses, chimneys, bay windows, columns, pilasters, and alcoves. We present a user interface to interactively specify procedural extrusions, a sweep plane algorithm to compute a two-manifold architectural surface, and applications to architectural modeling.
house of horrors

Example-video (not finished in time to be refereed...)


3d environment construction times

I've been having real difficulty trying to find real-world figures for how long it takes artists to create 3d environments. Does anyone out there have experience creating these environments regularly?

The kind of information I'm looking for:
  • an image of the constructed scene,
  • the tools used (Maya, Max, Sketchup...),
  • an estimate of the number of hours using each tool.
These figures would really help the motivation of procedural tools for the rapid construction of cities. With a bit of luck (and a few more years research...) creating virtual repetitive architecture manually will be a thing of the past.

now thats what I call architecture