Interactive Dimensioning of Parametric Models

Eurographics 2015
Tom Kelly, Peter Wonka & Pascal Müller [pdf | ppt | eg | doi | patent ]

Here's my paper that'll be presented Eurographics this year. It's a screen space technique for positioning control handles on parametric models.

Fastforward (brief introduction) video:

Academic video:

Presentation (not quite rehearsed enough) at the conference:

Here are some useful links: Download CityEngine 2015 (requires registration and DRM stuff after installation), explore the handles tutorial, and try some examples with handles.


We propose a solution for the dimensioning of parametric and procedural models. Dimensioning has long been a staple of technical drawings, and we present the first solution for interactive dimensioning: a dimension line positioning system that adapts to the view direction, given behavioral properties. After proposing a set of design principles for interactive dimensioning, we describe our solution consisting of the following major components. First, we describe how an author can specify the desired interactive behavior of a dimension line. Second, we propose a novel algorithm to place dimension lines at interactive speeds. Third, we introduce multiple extensions, including chained dimension lines, controls for different parameter types (e.g. discrete choices, angles), and the use of dimension lines for interactive editing. Our results show the use of dimension lines in an interactive parametric modeling environment for architectural, botanical, and mechanical models.